The Soul Psychics Network is a group of diverse spiritual readers from all over the U.S and other countries. The Soul Psychics Network is comprised of celebrity psychics. Soul Psychics get to the soul of the matter, regarding life Issues for Entertainment Purposes. Do you believe your house is haunted? Or would you like to talk to your loved one on the other side? Are you seeking a message from someone who has passed away? Let the Soul Psychics help you now. Soul Psychics Network offer’s astrology charts, house cleaning, seances, tarot card parties, health and energy readings you can even book soul psychics to appear in a psychic concert or events. Soul Psychics are professional readers with over 20 years combined experience. The Psychic Shop is located in the heart of New Orleans. Book a private tour in New Orleans. Please email us to reserve your arrival time and provide the total attending guests, groups are welcomed and rates may be discounted.